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Fungus Eliminator

by Alisa Princy (2019-11-29)

Here you can find some top Fungus Eliminator Review tips that will keep your feet sweet and fresh getting rid of all those sweaty and smelly problems one may encounter. Try never to wear the same footwear for consecutive days. If possible alternate between 2 or 3 different shoes. This will allow any moisture that accumulates in the shoe to evaporate properly. Should this not be possible you may use a hair dryer in a medium setting to dry out the shoe. Be wary of the high setting as this may shrink the leather of the shoe. If you don't have access to a hair dryer you can always stuff the shoe with newspaper which will soak up excess moisture. Always try to wash feet everyday and remember to dry thoroughly between the toes especially after activities like swimming or gym. It is always a good idea to change socks everyday and perhaps a couple of times a day if your feet sweat more than usual. Shoes with leather or Goretex uppers are more porous and allow the escape of moisture more so then the harder non porous equivalents Natural materials like cotton and wool provide a wicking effect which removes moisture away from the skin. Some manmade materials like coolmax and drymax socks can also provide the same effect leaving a constant dry layer next to the skin. You can also try wiping surgical spirit in between the toes before you put on socks to help keep skin dry. Anti-perspirant deodorant can be used on feet in a similar fashion to arm pits In warm weather opt for wearing open sandals Nylon does not absorb sweat at all which can leave feet hot and uncomfortable. Use socks with shoes and with skirts opt for sandals with a back strap.