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by Alisa Princy (2019-11-29)

Consider this thought which Individualogist Review seems to be a constant thought in the world of the separation paradigm of the universe: "I want more money." Many of us have thought and verbalized that mantra all of our lives. If what we repeat thousands of times is supposed to manifest into our physical reality, why don't we have more money? The answer is that you have been given exactly what you created. Here's how powerful you are and why you need to be conscious. You have thought, told and beseeched the universe "I want more money." The universe has heard your request and has granted you just that. The key to the creative process is the word "I," which the universe recognizes as its wake-up call in creating. "I am" is the most powerful statement you can make concerning creation. God has declared that "I am that I am" as the creator of the all. You, being one with God, use the great "I am" in the same creative manner. After you have the universe's attention by saying the word "I," and invoking the power of "I am," you are ready to send the universe your powerful creation. You said the words "I want more money." The universe understands and sends your creation back to you in physical form. You now have in your physical reality the "wanting of more money." And you will continue to have this "wanting of more money" until you create something else about money. You could create from a thought that says, "I have money." But if you know this is not true, then a better thought might be "I have money coming to me now." Then hold that thought, speak those words, and do action steps in alignment with that. The universe has no recourse but to manifest that into your reality.