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Manifestation Magic

by Jerome Princy (2019-11-29)

The word SUCCESS conjures Manifestation Magic Review up different meanings for different people. It may depend on a person's experiences, childhood, education, or desire. Some people think success is for someone else and not for them. Others believe success is not an accident. It is a skill that is predictable and can be learned by anyone. Success is truly a state of mind. What we believe in our minds becomes what we value and then it influences our behavior. There are unlimited concepts contributing to the meaning of success. I have developed four principles of success. First principle: failure is a necessary ingredient for success. Fail early and often. That may contradict how some people were raised to think but it is the idea of contrasts. We don't know day without night, laughter without pain, or sweet without sour. It's the same with success. We cannot know success without failure. Failure is essentially getting results that we did not expect or want. The formula for success is the goal x action. Remember, not every action gets you there, but it is the frequency of the action that will. Wayne Gretsky said, "You miss 100% of the shots you never take." Colonel Sanders muddled through 1009 rejects until someone bought his recipe. To realize success more often, address your failures. Clear the way for your success by getting rid of everything that was not 100% in the past. Pick two 'failures' that still sting. What did you learn from it? How has it impacted your life? How are you letting it stand in your way? Find out how you turned that 'failure' into an opportunity. If it didn't turn into an opportunity, how will you now make it an opportunity. Write it down on paper to make it real. Only when it is real can we change it. Decide what meaning you want it to have in your life. Take charge of what you believed were failures in the past. This is your first step toward rewarding and real success! The sands we're standing on are shifting every day it seems. The standard rules for running a successful business are shifting as well. It is key that we, collectively as business people, find a way to keep our heads turned positively toward building (or rebuilding) our businesses and not buy into the panic that pervades the news. If each of us builds a solid inner core, it can keep us safe inside ourselves and separate from the tough times. Stop watching and listening to the news! The newscasters take control of what you learn. Their job is to sell sensation - tragedy, horror, strife. Do you really need that? Try reading the news in the paper or online and see if you feel a difference. Choose what you read and stay away from items that unnecessarily bring you down.