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Manifestation Magic

by Alisa Princy (2019-12-02)

In the big picture, we Manifestation Magic Review are all on the journey towards personal success. There is no difference between us, so stop trying to find one. You will be more productive focusing on what you need to do to step into your own full potential and creating your own destiny. From now on, let go of this old habit of self sabotage. It doesn't serve you well and may even discourage you from being all you can be. This day, I invite you to journey into a world where you live an amazing life filled with passion and purpose. After all, isn't that what you really want? The solution is found in knowing what you want. When you are clear about that, your next step usually becomes apparent. Sometimes it helps to get compassionate and objective feedback from someone outside your situation, to see if you're overcomplicating or oversimplifying things. LEVERAGE Many people have Goals, and they have a definite plan to work toward achieving their goal. That is great as far as goal setting, planning and implementation is concerned. However, many of these people when they achieved their goals they were not happy and never have a sense of achievement, let along feeling of success. They in fact felt dejected. On my last post, Can having Goal Bring You Success? talked about this issue. There are many people advocate that to be Successful, one must have goal and works toward it. While no one can deny that having goal is the pre-requisite of success, the question here is Whose Goal Are you working on? Everyone who watches football know that you can score by bypassing the goalkeeper and striking the ball into the goal gate, but the score is awarded to your opponent team not yours as you are hitting the ball into the wrong goal gate. You may not agreed with me and claim the football game's goal and your personal goal for life is different ball game. It happened, and will always happen.