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Mend The Marriage

by Alisa Princy (2019-12-02)

Baby to parent attraction Mend The Marriage Review The "like-to-like" baby to parent attraction leads to several important things happening. That same disposition parent will become the child's favored-parent whom the child will be loyal to and enter into basic negative agreement with, agreeing to "be" as that parent wants the child to be. The child will also agree to download that parent's major selfish behavior patterns. When enacted, those patterns will make the child behave and react in ways that are similar to that parent. The similarities are psychologically based, not genetically based. The basic negative agreement with the favored-parent sets the child in subconscious energetic opposition to the "other parent," the parent of opposite basic selfish disposition. Everyone in the family is subconsciously aware of these developments and usually these dynamics create a subconscious reaction in the other parent and any siblings who are in negative agreement with that parent. Siblings Family interactions start getting interesting as more children are added to the family unit. When different children are in basic negative agreement with a different parent, those siblings will tend to be at odds with each other. This is called "sibling rivalry," generally thought to be a "natural" occurrence, but, in fact, it is a selfish, psychological phenomenon. Children tend to view their favored same disposition parents as "personal gods." They see their opposite disposition parents as "adversaries" and their siblings who are in negative agreement with them as "rivals." Siblings who are in negative agreement with the same parent are generally closer and have less conflicts or issues with each other. Of course, all of these factors, hidden agreements, hidden loyalties, hidden resentments, only come into play in selfish families with selfish individuals. The more extreme the selfishness, the more extreme the negative family interplay.