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Text Chemistry

by Alisa Princy (2019-12-04)

First what do you really Text Chemistry Review want from this man? Do you want sex or do you want partnership? If you just want sex go right ahead with it. He probably won't mind as long as that is all that he is after. He also probably won't be around for that long. However, if you want to connect than you have to make connection a priority. This means that sex has to wait until the emotional bonds can be built. Yes, we went there. Sure, you can start out with the sex but it is only going to create the illusion of closeness. This will keep him from building anything more meaningful and it will do the same for you. Why? Because it will not seem that there is any other reason to bond. The relationship will stagnate and will not move past the physical very fast if it even does at all. Also, giving a guy sex too soon will awaken his jealousy. Take a moment to hate him for it but then realize that this is part of human nature. Why? He may think you are easy. If you have sex with him to soon, he is probably going to become suspicious of whether or not you are also prone doing it with other people. He will probably put you under a microscope. No fun. Finally, making him wait for sex will reveal his true intentions. Wouldn't you like to find that out before you slept with him? Then wait. If he totally books than you found out and you did not have to lose your sense of decency in doing so. No one wants to feel used and you deserve better than to be with someone who will use you. The question which this brings up is this: How long should you make him wait? Well, if emotional bonding is the goal than you wait until the bond is strong enough to increase the desire to bond with him physically.