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by Regina Fancy (2019-12-08)

Another cause of this tinnitus is hyperthyroidism. Sonus Complete ReviewSuch thyroidism ensures that the heart beats at a faster rate. It's easy to cure pulsating tinnitus once the causes are known. Curing it is easy because such tinnitus is not a sickness; rather it is the end result of another malfunction in the body. However, detecting the root cause of the disease is a tough cause, dealing with it is not.Blood pressure can ensure the ringing sound of tinnitus but only 3% of the patients of pulsatile tinnitus are actually sufferers of a high blood pressure. This blood pressure can be accompanied by symptoms or none at all. Although the proverbial sound in pulsating tinnitus can be a symptom of this blood pressure, it's not a very general symptom. Most of the times, this ringing sound is not produced until the patients of pulsating tinnitus start taking medications for their high blood pressure. So, when the medication for this blood pressure is taken off after duration of four to 6 months, the problem of tinnitus gets resolved.An excessive consumption of antibiotics can also be one of the causes of pulsatile tinnitus. This ensures that the mucous inside the inner ear clots up. This mucous just can't get itself through the ear because it's too viscous. Sometimes, some tumors that exist in the middle ear which can only be removed by surgery also lead to pulsating tinnitus. Sometimes prescribed drugs like oxotoxic drugs also serve as causes of pulsatile tinnitus by causing stress as side-effects which produces such ringing sounds.