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by Jerome Princy (2019-12-09)

The idea again is simple, you Ketogenasis Review just need to know how much you have, what is ideal and then work to eliminate whatever is extra. Working to achieve the ideal body fat percentage will surely go a long way if you want to be fit for years and free from diseases caused by excessive fat. Learning what you need to do in order to live a healthy lifestyle starts today. It is a common and worldwide myth that intake of sugar is a very harmful practise and it induces obesity, diabetes and heart problem. Many extensive researches in this field have shown that effects of sugar are not so bad on the general health but it adversely affects the teeth. Furthermore sugar can be derived by various other natural resources other than sugarcane. Like apple [95% of energy comes from sugar present in it] and carrot [88% energy comes from sugar].Our body cannot differentiate between the sugar consumed from the different sources, hence it metabolises then to obtain energy from them. One table spoon of sugar contains only 16 calories, which is easily converted into energy in body metabolism. Hence sugar does not induce weight gain unless taken in a very large quantity. The recipes containing higher amount of sugar like sweets, ice creams, cakes, chocolates puddings etc. may cause obesity. Honey is a derivative of natural sugar, containing minerals, vitamins, enzymes etc., and is useful for healthy body. Potatoes and rice are common dietary products, which contains least amount of fat but higher amount of starch and carbohydrate. Their consumption provides energy at a slower pace required for our daily regime over a longer period of time. Further, the major portion of energy received from the fat remains latent in the fat cell causing obesity. By consuming potatoes and rice the abdomen remains full for a longer time; due to which we lack hunger, hence we eat less and are very effective in weight loss. But if potatoes and rice taken in fried form like wafers, finger chips, fryums, may definitely cause weight gain. Consumption of excess fruits and vegetables are effective for weight loss It is true to some extent that fruits and vegetable contains less fat hence effective in weight loss.But some fruits like avocado, nuts dry fruits etc contain ample amount of fat, hence should be eaten in moderate amount.