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Casino Destroyer

by Alisa Princy (2019-12-09)

Another crucial stage of the Casino Destroyer Review game is the point where the cutoff to reach the money is close. If only a few more players need to be eliminated, many tighten up at this point. Do the opposite - loosen up and watch your chips stack grow. Risk has everything to do with poker. Even if you're face with an awesome reward, you must always think the risk involve in order for you to get the reward. But if its not worth it, then better stop, fold you card. The point is that you need to balance the risk you'll take to the reward involve before deciding anything. Here are some examples that can explain a lot. What if a millionaire approaches you and propose to give a million dollars if you play a Russian roulette for him, he then gives you a six chamber gun, will you do it or not? There are 5 out of 6 chances that you'll get the million. But do you think one million is good to put your life on the line?.One out of 6 chances of taking a bullet in your head is big enough reason not to take this crazy offer. One day you wake up and you won five million dollars. At the same day the millionaire challenge you to a coin flipping game. If the coin toss results will be head then he will give you $10,000,00, double your money and if its a tail then you'll give him $5,000,000. Reward in this challenge is so high and you've got 50% chance to win $10 million dollars. But you also had 50% chance of losing $5 million dollars to the same man. I think if the rich man offered a lesser amount of money as bet, you could have tried your luck into this. But an all or nothing situation like this does not attract better individuals. Those examples are not the same as with poker but somehow you'll find yourself in a very similar situation as those.