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Bp Zone

by Regina Fancy (2019-12-11)

Celery: This super vegetable is capable of purifying Bp Zone Review blood and neutralizing acid in the human body as well as helping to prevent irregular pulse.The natural vegetables listed above are only a few of those that can be used when juicing for high blood pressure. These vegetables offer tremendous benefits as juiced and they provide the best possible aid in reducing enlarged vascular systems and maintain a healthy cardiovascular system. It will take time and patience to get results through juicing for most any health plan but most especially where the heart and blood pressure are involved. It takes time to heal damage that is pervasive and has been occurring for a long time.I try to take care of myself and most of the time I do a good job of it. Getting an annual physical exam is part of my self-care plan. My exam started yesterday and the test results were excellent: very low cholesterol and a normal heart rate of 72 beats per minute. Though I had gained 10 pounds, my weight was still in the normal range.But my blood pressure was dangerously high. A nurse took a reading just before I saw my doctor. "Your blood pressure is 200," she said, "and that's not good My doctor took another reading after my exam and the number was even higher. "We have to get you on medication right away," she said. "Fill these prescriptions on the way home." She asked if I could identify the causes of high blood pressure."Two years of non-stop stress have caught up with me," I replied. I cited some of the causes of stress: losing four loved ones (including my daughter), within nine months, dozens of secondary losses, not selling my daughter's house, raising my twin grandchildren, compiling guardianship reports for the court, and the challenge of getting my grandchildren through college and graduate school. No wonder I was stressed.