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My Lottery Loopholes

by Alisa Princy (2019-12-11)

If the betting system sellers My Lottery Loopholes Review actually believe they can guarantee profits then why is there a need to add the earnings disclaimer which is found on almost every sales page you will ever visit? Fake Testimonials Almost every sales page will contain testimonials from so called previous buyers saying how wonderful and profitable the system is. Once again don't believe all you read. It amazes me how many times a brand new "never seen before" system hits the market yet has testimonials from previous buyers. Can you work that one out? If you look carefully you can usually spot that all the testimonials have the same spelling and grammar mistakes. It almost appears like they have been written by the same person! Another powerful tool for system sellers is cross promotion testimonials. They basically get another betting system seller to write a positive testimonial for them and in return the testimonial contains a link to their own sales page in turn promoting their own betting system. Do you really think they give a toss what they write? They are getting free advertising after all. Would you believe me if I told you that many websites you will encounter are actually owned by the same person using a different name to sell each betting system? This happens more often than you think and it makes sense to cross promote as described above. False Accounting The most unscrupulous tactic used by many system sellers in my opinion is false accounting. There are many ways of doing this and I will outline just some of them below. A common tactic used by betting system sellers is to simply omit losing bets altogether. Instead they show a list of recent wining bets at decent odds.