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10 Minute Awakening

by Jerome Princy (2019-12-12)

One of those virtues is 10 Minute Awakening Review the mudita, appreciation or the sympathetic joy of others. By being happy for the well-being of other people, instead of being envious, you will feel more joy in your own life. So if you believe that a positive intention has an exponential effect, and that we are all somehow interlinked, isn't it then possible that through mudita we will be bringing in an infinite amount of positivity in our life by being appreciative of any joy that people all over the world experience at any point in their daily lives. Recently I wrote about the signs and symptoms of being on the "fast track" to spiritual awakening. One of the signs of awakening is receiving "secret" messages from the universe (from spirit) that help point you in the right direction. Secret messages from the universe can be anything from an announcement on the radio that answers a specific question you've been asking, to a gripping conversation with a stranger. I call these kinds of messages "secret" because often, the person relaying the message to you isn't aware that he's doing it. If he were conscious of it somehow, he may have thought it was weird, he may have hesitated, and sometimes the universe just doesn't want to take chances. (Okay, I know this sounds a bit crazy but hang in there and I will explain with a real-life, concrete example.) I have received many secret messages when I began my awakening process several years ago, and I will share one of the more "ambitious" examples here. But first, some necessary background: When I had received the secret message I am about to share with you, I had already been urged by the Counsel of Light to start writing a book about a process of evolution I would go through that could not be found anywhere yet--it wasn't in any book or manuscript, they said. It was something new. (They alerted me to this beforehand so that I would begin the process and keep an accurate log of it by writing about it in real time.) But since I was an engineer and I hadn't yet experienced this process (and the instructions from the Counsel of Light were channeled to me by a woman I had met once who lived 3000 miles away) I struggled with--as you can imagine--"just doing it." But as I had said, if something is important enough spirit will not take any chances and will give you signs that you must pursue a certain direction. Anyway, one day back in October of 2002 when I was still unsure of whether I was going to attempt to write this book or whether I was just being brainwashed, I had an interesting conversation with another parent named "J." at my child's grade school. I knew J. only briefly, and he knew little about me.