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Casino Destroyer

by Jerome Princy (2019-12-13)

I have an interesting tidbit Casino Destroyer Review to pass along that I picked up on my recent visit to Curacao, one of the capitals of the offshore sports betting world. If you've been betting NFL this year you surely have noticed how different the lines on games are from one sportsbook to the next. On one game you can see a team listed as a favorite of minus 1 all the way through to minus 2.5. I'd never seen anything like it before, so I wanted to pick the brains of some of the guys that work the lineboards. So I talked to one of the lines guys that still works at one of the sharpest outfits in the world. I'm talking about a place that takes $50,000 to $100,000 or more on sides and doesn't bat an eye. He said it all comes down to teasers. At most books you can get a 2-team, 6 point teaser for -110, so there's no extra juice involved. A couple years ago there was a group cleaning up on these bets. Why? Because they would only bet teasers that involved going through the key numbers of 3 and 7. These two numbers are the most common fall-on numbers in NFL; move than 17% of all games fall on either of these numbers. So some of the sharper books (not all have taken up this sports betting strategy) have avoided having pointspreads where 6 point teasers could take you through both key numbers. Let me explain that a little bit further. You might be able to land ON the number for a push in that particular game (so the game could land on 3 or 7 as a point differential), BUT in most cases for 2-team teasers a tie and a win equals a loss. So for instance at one book, if they move off -3 they don't go to -2.5 or -2. They go straight to -1 with some heavy juice. That way you can tease the 'dog up to +7 but not through it. You can tell if you're dealing with a sharp book if they have lines of 2 or 2.5 in NFL games. Because I live in Las Vegas, I get a lot of email and calls asking about restaurants, casinos, and gambling in general. So rather than answer them all individually, I am going to address the main concern that is going around regarding poker rooms here in town. It is more than a mere rumor...7-card stud is dying in Las Vegas. There are two dominating reasons for this. The first, and the most obvious, is the international rage over the televised hold 'em tournaments, that promise to make millionaires out of every young person over the age of twenty-one. Apparently, when given the choice of a college degree and a grinding 40 hour or more work week, and the glamor of playing poker, becoming famous, and winning a million or more, hold 'em wins.