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Up N Go Energy

by Regina Fancy (2019-12-16)

Fish oil can come in several forms. Regardless Up N Go Energy Review of what form it comes in, it should have been filtered as a basic requirement. All fish is prone to contamination to a certain extent, depending on the type of fish and where it comes from. Some larger, ocean living fish present a particular risk. They can absorb mercury, dioxins and some other very undesirable substances from their environment. Molecular filtering is necessary to be sure that this risk has been reduced to an acceptable level.The may be more stages of processing after this. Fish oil can be sold as 'natural'. That is, it has not been concentrated and only contains the same percentages of the beneficial ingredients that eating the elfish would give.In order to improve their effectiveness, many fish oil supplements are concentrated. The means changing them from their original triglyceride form into an ethyl ester.Now, a quick dip into chemistry. The body needs to process the essential fatty acids we get from these fish oils into a form that it can use. That is, they are made bio-available.This is easier or harder depending on the length of the molecular chains that they are made from. The ethyl esters are still natural and have good bio-availability.Sometimes though, a further process is carried out which converts the product back to the triglyceride form. This is then described as natural but that is not true.This triglyceride form is synthetic. It has longer molecular chains making it harder for the body to use. This is something to be aware of since it has a bearing on the effectiveness of the product.The percentages of various types of omega-3 on the label, may not be a true reflection of how much will be available to use.