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Keravita Pro

by Jerome Princy (2019-12-16)

How does a foot orthotic Keravita Pro Review reduce knee pain? It is thought that wedging your foot with an orthotic shifts your weight away from the painful arthritic area of the knee. Also, orthotics can decrease rotational forces on the knee. Future studies are needed to investigate whether or not orthotics can really slow the progression of knee arthritis. A study by Rubin and Menz found pain reduction in almost all subjects with the degree of pain reduction greater in patients with less severe arthritis. Another study by Butler used motion analysis methods and found foot orthotics reduced joint movements and forces (joint moments). I perform a lot of walking slow motion video studies in my podiatry practice. Often I observe timing problems with the knee during these studies, which can lead to arthritis over time. Sometimes a knee will rotate inward excessively or it won't fully extend making that limb function shorter. Another example is when patients have their same side knee excessively flexed during heel strike. This has very poor implications for shock absorption. If you think you may have knee pain from arthritis please see your primary care physician or a good orthopedist like Dr. Anthony Nwakama. We are truly blessed to have such a talented orthopedic surgeon here in Southwest Minnesota. Your doctor may want to take X-rays or blood tests to rule out other types of arthritis. Now as a podiatrist, I don't really treat knee arthritis. I just treat the foot dysfunction that leads to knee pain or knee arthritis. If your knee arthritis is mild or moderate, then consider custom foot orthotics as a non-invasive drug free treatment alternative. Foot Orthoses are insoles that are specifically designed for running shoes to help alleviate symptoms of pain that are caused by athletics, joggers, long distance runners and short distance runners. A plaster of paris cast is taken of the runner's feet. Moulds are then made from the casts which are sent to a specialist lab to create a suitable orthotic insole. A Podiatrist creates to insole for the runner. The results of the orthotics are usually relief of discomfort or pain, improved comfort or improved fitness. These improvements can be attributed to the increased form (which is determined by gate analysis) that is enabled by these custom made insoles.