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Blood Sugar Premier

by Jerome Princy (2019-12-17)

You have just visited your Blood Sugar Premier Review family doctor, and have been told the horrific news that you are now a Type 1 or Type 2 diabetic - no need to panic or get depressed. I have got you covered! But first, how is Diabetes accurately tested? It is normally tested by taking a measurement of the amount of glucose in your bloodstream which can be done one of three ways: One is by taking a direct measurement of your blood glucose levels after an overnight fast. Secondly, by determining if your body can handle excess sugar after drinking a liquid glucose, and taking that measurement. Third, the "HbA1c" (glycosylated hemoglobin A1c) test, which determines the amount of glucose molecules attached to hemoglobin, over a period of two to three months. The most prevalent test of course, is fasting overnight and finding a recurring pattern of an elevated blood sugar level on more than one occasion. Even though this is a good indicator as to whether or not diabetes reigns, glucose metabolism challenges nor a diagnosis of early Type 2 diabetes, will be accurate without the 4 to 5 hour Glucose Tolerance test. It checks both the insulin and glucose levels. So you have determined that you are definitely a diabetic based on the previous tests involved. Now what? Well, our goal here is to restore the blood sugar levels down to its normal range and keep it there, as well as any metabolic disorders that have evolved. To be successful in this arena, a diabetic will now have to become active in carrying out not only a healthy lifestyle, but diet as well. It has been known, that if the following is practiced, diabetes can be diminished in 95% of the cases: Exercise - such as walking, swimming, biking, etc. Just about anything that results in a slight increase in your heart rate, and you consider fun and not "exercise", will assist in decreasing and normalizing your blood sugar levels. Managing Stress - exercise can also fall in this category because as a result of "exercise", your stress levels will be reduced.