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Vision 20

by Regina Fancy (2019-12-18)

It was the most awful sensation to "feel" the injection, Vision 20 Review even though there was not really any pain. He flushed my eye with saline and put in some antibiotic drops and sent me on my way. Time would tell whether the treatment would work, but my rs seemed to have supreme confidence that it would. I covered all my skin from the sun (Visudyne for the PDT makes people extremely light sensitive for a couple of days.) I was to return in six weeks for a second shot of Avastin, which was to be the second in a series of three.The good news is that the PDT and Avastin worked a miracle. By my second visit, my vision had improved significantly. As time has gone on, I have had a second bleed, requiring a second PDT treatment. This time, the treatment left a blind spot in the center of my vision. I am now receiving an Avastin injection every six weeks for an indefinite length of time. Forever, I guess, unless they come up with a new treatment. My vision is best about a week after the shot, is good for a couple of weeks, and then starts to deteriorate. My next shot is in 10 days, so my vision is pretty bad right now. I have had seven shots in all. I hate those shots. I dread those shots. But, I am getting used to them. I love being able to see. I will do anything to keep my vision for as long as possible. Even take a shot in the eye.Belinda Brasley is a wife and mother of three almost-adult children living in Rochester, NY. Although her vision has never been good, it has deteriorated rapidly in the past year. While looking for positive, proactive ways to deal with transitioning into low vision living, she hit upon the idea of developing a blog to record er experiences. Her blog, Losing Vision Gaining Insight, can be found at