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by Alisa Princy (2019-12-19)

Where do you think you are Individualogist Review when it comes to the success you have had so far? Your life is a multitude of chances for change and positive progression. It is never over; never to a point where a thought or deed will not make a difference. It is part of the overall master plan; one which allows all people to grow and improve, no matter what their current station in life might be. You are all equal in the eyes of the Empowering Soul. He works with you. He allows you to feel acknowledged and loved! The angels around you, both in the physical and in spirit, assist in this too. You will always be nurtured to do more; provided it is for the highest good of yourself and those who are an intricate part of your life. The physical world is a springboard for your soul to advance, improve and harmonize with the integrity of Spirit. Attempts to protect you are ongoing and endless. As you learn about the wisdom already stored in your soul, you become immune to the negative nuances that the daily grind can bring. We are here to get you to revel in the glory of love and treasures that await you! You might feel like you are on a treadmill or in a rocking chair, where it doesn't matter how much motion you put into it. In the end, you are right where you started. However, when you embrace the power that your spiritual connection can bring you, then you will move miles and miles, in a proverbial sense. The question remains. How far do you think you have traveled on your path of success? We hope that you answer it in a way that states, "not far enough," but with an open and optimistic feeling that you are willing to continue down the path that rewards you. We do not care if you are eight or eighty-eight! Learning is always possible! In fact, it is what keeps many minds and bodies feeling young and exuberant. Let the energy flow! Let your courage multiply and your stamina lead to a stampede to attaining your goals. To stop dreaming is to say to the world that you do not count, when in the eyes of God and Jesus, you are always with a dream for them to help you fulfill! Think about what we are sharing here. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.