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Keto Formula

by Jerome Princy (2019-12-20)

Firstly red meat and Keto Formula Review takeaway food was removed from my diet. I started to eat more vegetable based meals and only ate Oven fried chips. I reduced my carbohydrate intake by eating wholemeal bread instead of white bread. Weight gain started to subside at this stage. Drinking plenty of water became the norm. I found that if I ate healthy balanced meals throughout the week I could still indulge in a take away meal twice a month without gaining weight. As I progressed I began to make small changes to ensure that I was as active as possible. For example. When on the school run I would park the car at the top of the hill. I would then carry my toddler instead of using the buggy. I would walk to the local shop instead of driving the car (just for small items though)! As I changed my way of life I started to take much more notice of what was going into my body. It is at this point that I found Aloe Vera. This wonder plant has many benefits for the human body. The benefits for me was the nutrients it provided including the vitamin B12 which is not found in many foods. I found a reputable company which retails the Aloe Vera Gel drink in over 140 countries. I found that drinking this Aloe Vera drink helped to clear my digestive system. I decided to try the meal replacement supplement shake from the same company. Taking this shake twice a day (with skimmed milk) provided me with 100% RDA of vitamins and minerals. I also ate a fully balanced meal each day. This had a dramatic effect. I was losing weight at controlled manner. I was able to eat healthily during the week while treating myself once a week. A lot of diets advise cutting out all bad food to lose weight quickly. What happens though is that these diets normally last for a specified period. Once the diet is over and the dieter reverts back to their normal food the weight piles back on. I found that for me the key was a balanced diet with occasional treats and moderate regular exercise. I had to be realistic I was never going to give up takeaways entirely. My alcohol intake was reduced dramatically. I stopped drinking beer which is high in carbs and drank a glass of white wine no more than three times a week instead.