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Keravita Pro

by Jerome Princy (2019-12-25)

Although it is no longer Keravita Pro Review being produced by its manufacturer, OPI Fungus Fix is one such OTC product that can still be found at some retailers now and during the upcoming months until their respective stocks are depleted. This topical treatment was marketed as an over the counter treatment for curing nail fungus in spite of it being more of a cosmetic product rather than an actual medical treatment, so could it really be an effective means of putting an end to nail fungus once and for all, and if so, why isn't it being made any more? OPI Fungus Fix was made by the family owned OPI Company founded in the US by European immigrants in 1981 which has become a leader in the beauty industry as the creator of nail care products and its widely popular nail lacquers. Fungus Fix must be used on a regular basis and the recommended application is twice per day although no side effects have been reported from using it more often than that. The ingredients of this gentle, salon style serum include undecylenoyl glycine and usinc acid. The stellar reputation of OPI products is unrivaled thanks to its nearly 20 years as a manufacturer and seller of professional beauty products. Fragrance free and non-irritating, the liquid OPI Fungus Fix treatment was once widely available at pharmacies and nail salons throughout the US as well as through the popular online retailer The average price was $14 for a one ounce bottle at the time of this writing making it an inexpensive treatment option.