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Ultra Manifestation

by Alisa Princy (2019-12-29)

My power spot reflects to me some Ultra Manifestation Review subtle yet powerful fears lurking inside that, if I continue to allow them to, could ultimately create significant energy blocks to new opportunities. The question is: Do I allow these fears to dictate what I will or will not let happen? Or do I walk into those fears, look them in the eye, ask them what they need, and then address that need, thereby transforming the fear? For me the answer is clear-I must walk into the fears and engage them in conversation. The amazing thing is that as I invite the fear to talk to me, I often discover that I've created a story out of assumptions or past experiences that are no longer relevant, and that the fear is a big smokescreen. Or I discover that there is an emotional wound that I have not yet acknowledged-a wound that can, in fact, heal with very little catharsis or drama if I'll just listen to what it needs and respond from a place of love. So simple-so much grace. The only power the fear holds is the power I give it. It has no power on its own, yet I can easily get caught up in the assumptions I make about it. This is not a new concept, I'm sure, and is not so hard to grasp. The greater challenge in our fast-paced world is creating the time and space to examine what is working and what is not-what we are allowing and what we are not. Time and space for self-revelation and discovery is more critical now than ever for us as individuals and as a society. We need time and space that, without agenda or attachment to outcome, can honestly reflect back to us the truth we've been living. When we are willing to acknowledge the realities that we are creating and living, we can discover the aspects of those realities that we're proud of and want to celebrate, as well as the ones that give us pause or make us squirm. It's okay that they make us squirm! The fact that we are squirming is telling us that there are gifts to be unpacked within that discomfort.