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Joint Pain Hack

by Jerome Princy (2020-01-04)

He is Past-President Joint Pain Hack Review of Catapult Coffee, an herbal-enhanced coffee product with national distribution. Companies wishing to create or expand their footprint in the natural marketplace will value his knowledge of the health oriented marketplace, business development, and extensive background in natural product formulation. He is a national speaker and private consultant for developing business models for integrative medical practices. I read somewhere that 2% of every population in the world has fibromyalgia. This is an interesting statistic, because it leads me to wonder. I wonder "If this is true, then what is it about this 2% that creates the fibromyalgia?". My personal opinion is that 'what it is' is a combination of sensitivities to things like food, noises, and toxins, and a tendency toward negativity. This sensitivity and tendency can combine to create an unhealthy state in the body. A state where the fascia in the body is glued together, chronically shortened and tightened, and full of stress chemicals and scar tissue. This state creates pain. The body constantly tries to clear this state which creates fatigue. The combination creates fibromyalgia. Were we born this way? Maybe, maybe not. Can anything be done? OH YES. How do I know anything can be done? Because I reversed fibromyalgia in my body. So, the important question in my mind is not so much "How did I get Fibromyalgia?" but rather, "What Can I Do Now to Feel Better?" I think you can feel better, because I did. I think you can mitigate the things that cause you problems in your life and find ways to feel better about them, which will help you feel better in your body. Of course, it's a good idea to some degree to try to figure out EXACTLY what caused fibromyalgia, because then you can stop doing it or stop reacting to it. However, in my experience, if you just work on getting healthier, your response to whatever is causing the problem can, in many cases, get less and less.