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Memory Hack Supplement

by Regina Fancy (2020-01-05)

I like to quote a woman I met in hospital. She said Memory Hack Supplement Review you've just got to grit your teeth and ride it out. Gritting your teeth sounds like hard yards; the seconds eke by slowly like the drip of water onto a rock. I think we can do better than gritting our teeth, so here's an alternative.Remind yourself that life is a long story. This episode, even if it is taking months to resolve, will end and you will have your life back. Some depression does not come from bipolar but from the unhelpful beliefs we all hold. A good way to recognize this is when you notice you're saying something should or should not be happening. For example, if you're telling yourself you shouldn't be depressed, ask yourself why not? You have bipolar disorder and you can expect depression from time to time. This takes the edge off the distress you are feeling because you shouldn't be depressed.Pamper yourself in small ways. Consider yourself on vacation, and buy little souvenirs and trinkets, bath salts and skin lotion as part of the journey.Do what you can and congratulate yourself on small achievements. Say to yourself this will pass and for now I will do what I can.If you believe in anything, huddle under the wings of your God and enjoy the slow pace of waiting. I'll keep the list short, as concentration hibernates in depression.If you're in this bipolar depression, I hope you return to good health soon. When you're able, you might like to check out the course I'm running from my website. It shows how to manage bipolar disorder and your lifestyle so that you can live the live you intend to live, in the mainstream of your culture.