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by Alisa Princy (2020-01-08)

The fiber in non-starchy Floraspring Review vegetables slows the digestion process in the whole digestive system. This lowers the glycemic index of the entire meal. The glycemic index is a measure of how fast insulin levels rise as sugar is present in the blood stream. Non-starchy vegetables include: bell peppers, broccoli, cabbage, celery, green beans, onions, snow peas and dozens of others. Eat these vegetables to fill your stomach and stabilize your blood sugar levels. Lose weight without starving yourself. Weight loss and chocolate, an impossible combination? A new product just might make that idea sound more plausible. Recently, the benefits of dark chocolate have been in the news. Most reports center around the positive effects it can have on your body. While the reports are encouraging, the majority of the chocolate sold in stores is unhealthy. This is due to the heavy refining process that heats the chocolate which neutralizes the benefits of cacao; the active ingredient that is causing chocolate to get noticed. Traditional chocolate also loses 80% in antioxidant levels as it is heated during manufacturing. In addition, these refined chocolates are loaded with sugars, fats, and preservatives. This, of course, negates the positive benefits to your health. Now, a company has come out with an alternative to these unhealthy poorly manufactured dark chocolates. Xocai, a division of MXI Corp., is based in Reno, Nevada. They have introduced an all natural, pure form of cacao that maintains its nutritional value throughout the manufacturing process. Instead of heating the cacao, it is cold pressed allowing dark chocolate to retain its healthful properties. The products are also considered safe for diabetics, vegetarians and vegans. Xocai (sho-sigh) introduced 6 products; the Powerhouse Cookie, Power Squares, Omega Bars, Activ, a Protein Bar, and Nuggets. Unprocessed cacao powder is used and combined with the acai berry and blueberry for a great flavor. These products contain healthy levels of flavonoids, antioxidants, high fiber, low sugars, and a relatively new category, high ORAC value. ORAC stands for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity. It is a method of measuring antioxidant capacities of different foods. The USDA recently listed a database of the ORAC value on its home page.