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by Alisa Princy (2020-01-12)

This comes out to Curafen Review about 30% of the calories coming from fats. Our 5 Powerful Holistic Nutrition Coach Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain Don't Loiter!: Jokster Uncle Pauley, who you haven't seen in gosh over 10 years, sequesters you at the food serving table & the next thing you know he's shucking & jiving, and joking like always & you're at the table talking for 30 minutes. Fast forward & all of the sudden you don't even realize how much food you've consumed because you've been so engrossed in his funny tales & catching up, you were picking, refilling, eating & drinking mindlessly while talking away! The biggest mistake people make is talking while serving themselves food & drinks so they're not mindful about what they're choosing OR how much, AND then STAYING THERE so they can mindlessly pick MORE while talking. If you do nothing else, DON'T talk around the food serving table...get your food and quickly MOVE AWAY FROM THE TABLE.. If someone begins to talk with you there, kindly ask them to shuck & jive it over to the dance floor with you to talk some more while burning some calories! Have a Plan of Attack BEFOREhand: People, do you think the historical battles that have been won were by leaders & fighters who decided how to fight the battle WHEN or AFTER they arrived at the battlefield? H*LL NO! So if you want to win the battle of the bulge you need to put your thinking cap on BEFOREhand and create a solid plan of attack. Our favorite holistic health counseling & nutrition coaching saying, "If you fail to plan, you PLAN to FAIL" & we use it regularly with our food coaching clients because nothing rings more true. Think about your day leading up to the party, how much food & drink you've consumed, how much movement your body has gotten in general, and then set some boundaries for yourself BEFORE heading to the party & then STAY within them -- boundaries don't work unless you hold yourself accountable to them!! Put our 5 powerful holistic nutrition coach tips into your holiday season game plan and you'll be starting your January 1 health resolutions ahead of the pack!! Wishing you & your family a new year full of the blessings of great energy & illness/imbalance-free health! The glycemic index is a tool that can be helpful in improving nutrition, improving overall health and controlling weight.