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Hair Revital X

by Jerome Princy (2020-01-22)

The theory behind transplanting Hair Revital X Review hair is really quite simple even though the actual procedure takes years of practice to perfect. Basically, when a man loses hair it is usually caused by a genetic condition known as androgenic alopecia or, the common name, male pattern baldness. I won't go into all the specifics but in a nut shell there is a hormonal substance in these men called DHT which is short for dihydrotestosterone. This substance is the agent that actually causes the hair follicles (roots) to stop producing hair shaft material. The DHT bonds with the roots of the hair and causes them to slow down production of hair material. This is why you notice wispy, very thin hair when a man is going bald. Over a period of a few years the DHT will actually cause individual hair follicles to go completely dormant. At this point the follicle is covered in fibrotic material and will never produce hair again. Luckily, when a man suffers from male pattern baldness it usually only effects the top portion of the head. You will usually see a receding hair line and thinning at the crown areas first but eventually the entire top of the head will be effected. I'm sure you have noticed though that men usually will still have hair growth around the ears and at the back of the head. These hair follicles are not susceptible to attack by the DHT. When a hair transplant procedure is performed the cosmetic surgeon will actually remove living hair follicle groups, hair transplants, from the back of the head and implant these into the balding area. These hair transplants will then connect with the surrounding blood supply and begin to produce hairs.