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Blood Balance Formula

by Alisa Princy (2020-01-24)

The first 1-2 minutes of Blood Balance Formula Review heavy exercise release the glucose muscles need, but you need another 6-8 minutes for muscles to use the glucose and get blood sugars back down. Prolonged heavy exercise, that is, at least 20 minutes, will increase the rate at which muscles use glucose for their recovery for 1 to 3 hours. You might consider just lying on the couch if your sugars are over 170 mg/dl (8.5 mM). That is because the sugar released during exercise has another effect on muscles, creating insulin resistance. Glucose in the bloodstream can oxidize even before it is absorbed by a cell. This burning in the bloodstream releases toxic free radicals that can damage muscle cells. The cells protect themselves by becoming less responsive to insulin so they do not import either the glucose or the free radicals. Over time, however, they become less and less responsive to insulin even at rest. That is why exercise to lower unusually high blood sugars generally is not a good idea, unless it is extremely gentle (like walking slowly). Finally, most diabetics should not be morning exercisers, especially if fasting sugars test as high as sugars throughout the day. The body recycles insulin during sleep, so less insulin is available early in the day. When there is not enough insulin, exercise cannot lower sugars. None of this means that diabetics should not exercise. Quite the opposite, regular, prolonged, heavy exercise builds up muscles which in turn soak up glucose. To make healthy muscles, however, always start your workout knowing your blood sugars are under control and take steps to ensure that they will stay in control throughout. Insulin is a hormone produced by the body. It's essential for good health. But too much insulin is harmful to your health...and to your fitness goals. Insulin's function is to lower your blood sugar levels when it gets too high. Without proper insulin levels you could develop hyperglycemia or diabetes mellitus. But too much insulin has negative effects, it: Promotes fat storage Inhibits fat burning Increases your appetite and hunger Each of these side effects ruins your effort to get healthy and toned.