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by Regina Fancy (2020-02-09)

Connect & Converse Believe it or not, Ketogenasis Review parties aren't just about food and drink! They are about make it a point to reach out and actually talk to people. By engaging in good conversation you will eat less...after all, you don't want to be talking with your mouth full! Protein Power Always have protein of some kind during the party and your body will be better able to handle the plentiful simple carbohydrates. Bring a small baggie of raw nuts with you just in case the protein is in short supply. Every hour or two have 3 or 4 doesn't take a lot. Your blood sugar levels won't take a nose dive and you will be able to enjoy the party without guilt. Pause for the Cause Remember to take some breaks...from the food and the drink. Take some deep breaths. Drink in the surroundings. Admire the decorations. Get some fresh air. Just by putting the plate and glass down and interrupting the grazing you give yourself time to feel satisfied. You might decide you want more food later, or you might just decide you've had enough. No Do-Overs Not to be confused with left-overs, the desire for a holiday party do-over is generally a result from overindulging. Recognize that chances are good that you will eat more than you just happens...and be okay with that. By being conscious about food choices during the party you greatly reduce the do-over desire...and that is a great party "hangover" to have!Bonus Tip: you can have holiday treats any time of year! Don't feel you have to eat it all because it is only available in December...if you love it and want it in June, there is nothing stopping you from making or buying it then. So, get limitation out of your head. Enjoy it and know you can really have it when you want.