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by Regina Fancy (2020-02-14)

The first thing I have realised is that the StrictionBP Review so-called National Health Service is far from 'free' to everybody in the UK. The vast amount of national and local resources that get channelled into healthcare is one of the reasons we pay so much in personal taxes and VAT. Not only that, how much will it cost you when YOU get diabetes, or have a heart attack, or a stroke, or get the dreaded 'C' disease, or get crippled with arthritis?According to National Geographic magazine, in 2009 the average cost of health care per person in the UK was just over £2,000 per year. But what do you get for your money? And how much of that goes to the pharmaceutical companies (that are the biggest corporations in the world by the way)?Worst of all, do the pills and potions we take actually cure diseases, or do they just treat the symptoms?Do the drugs companies ever want to find a cure for cancer, or any of the other debilitating and lifestyle-destroying diseases? If they did, what would happen to all of their regular customers (i.e. you and me?) What better way to build a company than to have millions and millions of people all around the world regularly taking pills that don't 'cure' but just treat the symptoms? If you have one of these debilitating and lifestyle-destroying ailments, like diabetes or arthritis, are you stuck with it forever, or can they be reversed?But here's the rub. The fourth largest killer in the world happens to be correctly administered prescription drugs!