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by Jerome Princy (2020-02-14)

It is trued that increased StrictionBP Review blood sugar causes a problem diagnosed as neuropathy. This is also known as nerve damage. You have heard it said before that it has an effect on your hand and feet but did you know it also effect all of those nerves associated with your sexual drive? Studies show that this type of nerve damage may make it difficult for women to have enough lubrication for comfortable sex and this leads to a number of other problems, such as pain and overall decreased interest. In men, the nerve damage causes there not enough blood flow for an erection. There are many different kinds of solutions for these types of problems. For women you can try things that you get at the store like lubricants for the dryness. Men can of course try ED prescription medications. The choice though is to try and keep your diabetes under control. This is not really as difficult as it may seem. As a diabetic your best chance at the best sex life possible is to get and stay on a good diet, exercise regularly, and keep your blood sugar where it is supposed to be. This is the most important piece of the puzzle. There are ways to make blood sugar levels normal. You just have to first understand that the foods you eat are certainly not an enemy. Do not just believe too easily that when you eat such sweet food, it will lead you to have diabetes. That isn't always the case. Mostly, it's not about sugar at all but the situation of the pancreas. The cells in the pancreas are dying that leads to more body complications of a person. There are three ways to sample if your blood sugar level's normal. First is through glucose test - CSF. It is a test that measures the cerebrospinal fluid with the amount of sugar or glucose it has. The part that this clear fluid flows is the space that surrounds in the brain and spinal cord. Doing this test will mean using lumbar puncture or spinal tap. It should be that the normal result is about 50-80 mg/100 mL in glucose level. The test can be helpful also to diagnose delirium, tumors, central nervous system inflammation and other medical conditions.