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The Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy

by Jerome Princy (2020-02-20)

Also make sure that they are The Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy Review the good fats (monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats). You should also eat more fish, as it is high in omega-3 fatty acids. This balanced diet is an effective way to lower your blood pressure too. To complement your diet, exercise comes next. Regular exercise can help decrease LDL and increase HDL in your body. Though it may not directly lower cholesterol, exercise can strengthen your heart and its circulatory system. It will also improve your blood flow, so that excess fats can be removed faster. A healthy lifestyle, a balanced diet and regular exercises are all keys that can contribute to lower LDL levels. But taking supplements can greatly improve your success. It is recommended to take supplements that contain ingredients such as policosanol, phytosterols, lecithin oil, D-limonene and theaflavins. These are all beneficial ingredients that can help to balance your cholesterol levels. Policosanol, extracted from beeswax and sugar cane, is very effective in lowering your LDL, while increasing HDL. It has also been shown to remove plaque build up from the walls of your arteries. Meanwhile, the antioxidant theaflavin will help fight off dangerous free radicals from forming in your body. This powerful antioxidant can be mostly found in green tea. D-limonene is effective in dissolving cholesterol-ridden gallstones. The combination of the above ingredients is the most effective way how to lower LDL cholesterol levels. Even better, they are all natural ingredients that have no adverse side effects. If you are concerned about suffering from a heart attack, or if heart disease runs within your family, it is best to know beforehand which signs and symptoms all pinpoint to an impending heart attack. First off, the most common sign is chest pain. Many people who have suffered from heart attack almost always feel chest pain or a tightening of the chest during the onset of an attack.