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by Regina Fancy (2020-02-21)

When Daniel became aware of this decree, he Individualogist Reviewcontinued to do what he has always done "serve his God" continually! He continued to pray, continued to believe and would not bow under the pressure of disillusioned individuals. He continued to be steadfast, unmovable, bold and faithful to the real God who had called him! The outcome, as you may know, was in his favor. No harm came to him, only to the ones that attempted to entrap him!There will always be haters... but not many people of essence. Let's all stand for something more than associating with insecure and superficial relationships that cannot have your back or those that have no prospect of success. After all, we are all striving to be successful and not failures... right?NARDRA V. DANIELS, is Managing Principal of RHEMA Coaching, with over 15 years experience as management consultant and over twelve years of extensive experience dealing with career transition and organizational development. She has program certification/experience in career & employment counseling, as well as therapeutic counseling. She saw the need for a local organization that would assess potential, provide training and enhancement services.Fifteen years ago I took a group of 8th grade students to Washington DC. I was teaching U.S. History and English at the time and was excited to spend a week exploring the many things we had learned that year with my students. It was a whirlwind trip with so much to see each day. The biggest impression on me was not the Smithsonian, the Lincoln Memorial, or even the White House. It was the Holocaust Museum which had just opened that year.As I walked through the museum, I struggled with God wondering how this could happen to His people. The images and graphics of the atrocities that had been committed to the Jews during WWII made my stomach turn. It was emotional, exhausting, and incomprehensible. I began to question whether my 8th grade students were mature enough to walk through this museum and take in what I was struggling so hard to do. Why God?