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No-BS Manifesting Course

by Alisa Princy (2020-03-05)

Since you are going No-BS Manifesting Course Review to believe in something anyway, why don't you choose to believe in something that can drive you into action, something that empower you and something that motivates you all the time? If you believe that you can do it, then you can do it; if you believe that you cannot do it, then you cannot do it. Either way, you are right. So start to refine your belief and model the belief system of highly successful people. Believe it, and you will achieve it There is no debate about the awesome performance of swimmer Michael Phelps at the Beijing Olympics. Many people are in awe of the physical and personal strength Michael Phelps has displayed at these 2008 Olympic Games. It's not hard to see why Olympic athletes like Phelps, winner of eight gold medals and Usain Bolt, the Jamaican with three world records in Track and Field, have become big crowd favorites. As we learn more about Phelps and the discipline he developed as a teenager, his outstanding performance holds many lessons for high school students wishing to achieve similarly successful careers. Teens should explore various extracurricular activities in high school since one never knows what their ultimate niche could become. Before swimming, Phelps tried his hand at baseball, soccer and lacrosse, golf and even thought about trying out for football. Teens need to be flexible. Flexibility is a powerful life skill that will help teenagers well beyond graduation. If a teen's high school lacks the facilities or support the sport they love, they should find ways to participate elsewhere. Since his high school, Towson's Loyola High School, did not have a swim team, he joined and competed at the North Baltimore Aquatic Club in Maryland. Teens should be disciplined and willing to work hard. These two behaviors will help teenagers set and attain goals. As a high school junior, Michael Phelps worked out 10 times per week. In preparation for the Beijing Olympics he trained 2-5 hours every day in the pool. Be willing to challenge the established processes. At 15 years old, Michael Phelps became the youngest swimmer in almost 70 years to compete for the United States. To gain a spot on the team, Michael had to compete with swimmers many years his senior. High school students can also push the envelope to set new records as well.