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Is the team structure. NAVS is the face; he's always appearing at present time. HITZ is the team's voice -- or, fuck it, the asshole. Same difference. PARTS is your throat! He sticking it out because of his crew. STU's the guts, also HORN'S the dick.

HEDDINGS is the ugly of your mutant. BINGAMAN makes upthe hands--right or left, dude's only made it like this. And definitely, GRAVETTE is the toes. All of them; unite with lots of nasty appendages to become one SKATE MUTANT! This is the story of the return to Europe, as one complete group of the mutant. -- Lemme Baggs THE MUTANT LANDED in Heathrow and consumed a ginger, Stu, a midget, a van, and a driver. The mutant was joyful and off. Dealing with streets and airports can turn into a match or a challenge.

Something can be adapted to van life, in which it proceeds to torment and amuse the mutant. Among the stupidest on record was the "licorice mullet:" Two large bags of Twizzlers and sour candy which had been piled on Cranny's head during the 95 South: Saints and Sinners tour. Activity between skating keeps the occupied and out of trouble in foreign lands. Just saying. Now that Stu was re-attached into the entire body, things began to look more familiar.

The Allied found itself in a seaside skatepark north of London. The skies were gray and windy, and the mutant was greeted with warm beer and cold concrete. Elegant backside ollies were lofted by the guts, although the dick got bizarre over the channel with a few fish. 'Zines were exchanged, and another snappy lil' cuz was sewn on. When sailing on down any road that is given, the Creature mutant is obviously more likely to trouble. The windows have been opened in a resort that was English to aerate the room. The hotel staff said the window was broken, so Al mended it and went back up.

All's well, right? Nope. The mutant was pulled over two miles afterwards by local authorities for "damaging a hotel room and leaving a funny smell." Bags were strewn about and shoes were removed, all whilst being patronized with dumb "My daughter skates!" Comments and "Do you understand Tony Hawk?" questions. Although the mutant remained polite, the mutant accomplishes this shit. When it was all said and done, they'd discovered nothing ... even though among the mutant's appendages were holding the whole time. Take that, coppers! The mutant gets away with some shit! Naturally, there are times when the mutant

looks for trouble but can't locate it, just like if ... Oh, wait. The mutant desires to maintain this story PG13, for after. There are lots of elements to this particular parasitic. The neck goes boutiqueing. The feet go dance. But the majority of the time the chest is in the parking lot, rolling joints and setting up boards, spittin' slang, and most importantly, backin' up the locs who showed up to see that the shred and support the deeds of Creature. Take Edinburgh, for instance, in which a concrete skatepark lies.

The bowl sesh went off! The not-so-ginger ginger, Col Adams, Stu, and Mallory (the hairy belly-button of the mutant) were murdering shit amongst the audience. Then came the rain, which pulled the sesh out. The activity turned to the whole lot, which started to fester with park regulars. Cracked Scottish English (usually accompanied by spit) has been suffered, along with the Allied adapted. Beers, stories...all the bullshit that goes down in the parking lot is critical, also, and this being the last leg of this mutant's UK run, it was the ideal time and place to state its good-byes and fuck-offs. The mutant was forced to leave behind some team appendages that were critical. Sad, but limbs anticipate. Input Norway, in which the mutant's knees and the Norwegian finger of Creature, Christian Brox, were reattached.

The mutant was taken by this finger to a pub where we seen a

Ringness beer-swilling band's metal called Waklevoren named Elm Street to celebrate its return. The Allied found itself in the Larvik town skatepark in one piece, when that wore off. Rain looked again, out of showboating, but that didn't stop the dick. The remainder of the mutant stood by and waited to slam, but it never happened. The neck managed his shit in this game and followed, but you have ta give it into the hands of the mutant.

Bingaman is intelligent. Dude got busy during the dry spells and dropped some indy sky-boats and backside nosegrinds. All in all, the Creature mutant shredded as one! BACK IN OSLO, the mutant found itself split into different living accommodations and routines. The knees took to a left handed skatepark and squat to aid in the projects. The face took a appendages outside to recon some vert. The middle and asshole finger directed an whole branch of kids while another bit made a journey north to the Darkthrone. In the long run, the leg of this trip was handled in sections simultaneously Which is yet another asset that the Creature mutant possesses: Being able to deform and reform as essential, in any environment. The Allied headed south and reattached at Oslo International.

THE MUTANT has retuned into Spain. Nation, that is. I had never seen the mutant so pleased. The team walked right into a teenage summer party that took up the shore. Kids were high on wine and life. The scene was peppered with flailing women fights, tapas, and drunken skateboarding--the mutant was very

entertained. But the real reason for the happiness of the mutant is that, on the following day, the skatepark would be empty and the beach available. Day two at Algorta signaled the arrival of Gravette, Sean Conover (the sketchy mustache of this mutant), along with a re-occurring guest appendage: The one and only Emmanuel Guzman. Let's call him that the mutant's pussed-over scab who is missed when not about. This mutant in particular can unite with appendages from different groups effortlessly, and also.

For example: Quito, Ecuador, when Sammy Baca fused to enjoy a South American Creature-style culture. The mutant doesn't acknowledge boundaries or political lines . That said, input Nacho, our on-the-spot tour guide. This is the point where the mutant discovered itself at a Pan's Labyrinth of types. Hashish and cali-mocho saturated the mutant's environment with dreams of DIY' crete, nymphs, and cloven-hoofed pals. A mill in the 1600s provided hospitality in the kind of healing waters. The mutant was at home, but maybe

not for long. It discovered itself heading west in flight and disassembled after the hashish wore away.

Recognizing how many of these Creature's appendages, limbs, and allies have been scattered all around the world now is terrifying ... And the mutantenjoys that.